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Fabric For Fashion by Clive Hallet and Amanda Johnston

Book review Fabric for Fashion by Clive Hallett and Amanda Johnston

Title: Fabric for Fashion
Author: Clive Hallet and Amanda Johnston

Fabric for fashion table of contents

As far as I am concerned, this book should be on the shelf of every fashion designer and dressmaker for a quick reference. It has detailed information about weaving, dyeing and fabric printing, understanding colour, and the types of fabrics separated into natural and man-made fibres. Each fiber description section has history, characteristics, production and the information about market and suppliers.

The photography throughout the book is superb. The useful organizations and publications section at the end of the book is very helpful if you need more information or if you are trying to find a supplier. The fibers covered in the book include wool, alpaca, llama, camel hair, goat (cashmere, mohair, pygora), silk, linen, cotton, alternative plant fibres (jute, ramie, hemp, kenaf, nettle, banana, bamboo), and also synthetic fibres, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, polyurethane (spandex), acetate, metallic yarns, cellulose and many others.

As you can see the information in this book is very extensive and I keep discovering new things every time I read it. I enjoy books like that because they don't just sit on the shelf but rather become a working material as I source the fabrics or work on the particular design. 

Cover of Fabric for fashion book