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Vogue on Hubert de Givenchy by Drusilla Beyfus

Vogue on Givenchy book review on Baudekin Studio

Title: Vogue on Hubert de Givenchy

Author: Drusilla Beyfus

Vogue on Givenchy book table of contents

If you are a fan of Givenchy or if you want a glimpse into this famous but very private designer's history, his muse and his style, this book will be very inspirational. It's full of great photos, quotes from Givenchy and those who knew him. You will not find any saucy details about his love life, because he was a gentleman to the end. However, you will find plenty of ideas that will take your own designs to the next level.

The book is focused on Givenchy's collaboration with Vogue only, hence a rather short table of contents and the book's dimensions are not impressive. I found it very useful because I am always interested to see how other designers work and how they handle suppliers, clients, PR and marketing.

Look for the 'big' words like sartorial which is used so many times throughout the book that I looked it up and started using it myself. There are many quality photos in this book. The majority are from Vogue catalogs, but there are some photos that I've never seen before. 

Vogue on Givenchy book back cover