Blue Cotton and Elastane Blend Denim Fabric, Light-weight


$27.90 CAD

Light-weight cotton fabric with stretch

This fabric has a beautiful weave, crisp drape but soft feel and classic deep blue colour. This fashion cotton fabric has a slight stretch thanks to 2% elastane fibers. You can design body-hugging outfits that will look fantastic and flatter the figure in all the right places. It is made in France for couture dressmaking. It is perfect for high-end pants, tops and dresses. 

  • Colour match: Pantone 19-3926 TCX (Crown Blue) 
  • Composition: 98% cotton, 2% elastane
  • Width: approx. 150 cm (59")
  • Made in France

Don't forget your thread:
thread available online


We sell cotton fabric by the meter. The colours may vary per monitor. Orders are non-refundable once cut.   


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