Blue Linen Fabric - Light Weight


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Comfortable fabric to wear

Wow, what a stunner! Blue linen fabric, 100% linen fabric, light to medium weight. Crimping is not an issue but a plus because this is what makes this fabric so special. The more you wash linen fabric, the softer and better it becomes. It really gets better with age. 

Easy to sew

Linen fabric is the best for sewing. Just give it good ironing with plenty of steam and it will not disappoint you. Cutting, basting and stitching have never been easier.

Unlimited design options

Linen fabric is best for summer dresses, skirts and jackets. But this lightweight blue linen fabric can be perfectly suitable for blouses, summer pants and shorts, even for your home decor projects. Watch this tutorial about how to make placemats and table napkins from this fabric.

Eco-friendly and sustainable fabric

Linen is an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric you would be proud to wear. Don't throw away the scraps either. Make quilts and napkins to help our planet even more. 

  • Pantone Cotton Passport colour match: 18-4330 TCX
  • Composition: 100% linen
  • Width: 54"

Linen Fabric Care:

Wash in cold water by hand. Hang to dry. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Iron with plenty of steam, a maximum temperature of 150⁰C.

For information about linen fabric click here.

Don't forget your thread:
Sewing thread


We sell linen fabric by the meter. The colour may vary per monitor. Online fabric orders are non-refundable once cut.


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