Blue Linen Fabric with Checks Pattern


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Linen fabric lightweight 

This is lightweight blue linen fabric with checks pattern. It is soft, light, cool and breathable. We love the finish of this linen fabric from Ireland. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable linen fabric

Linen fabric is made from the flax plant and it has been produced in Ireland since the 12th century. The climate in Ireland is perfect for growing flax and the manufacturing process has been perfected through generations of Irish weavers. Linen is called the 'fabric of Ireland'.

Perfect linen fabric for clothing

You can use this linen fabric for dresses, shirts and blouses.  This is your choice of linen fabric for tea towels, bedding, napkins.  It folds, pleats and gathers beautifully. 

  • Colour: blue, yellow, white, black checks 
  • Composition: 100% linen
  • Width: 59" (149.8 cm)
  • Made in Ireland

Linen Fabric Care:

Preferably, wash in cold water by hand. Hang to dry. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Iron with plenty of steam on the wrong side, a maximum temperature of 150⁰C. Use a pressing cloth to avoid glazing effect.

For information about linen fabric click here.

Don't forget your thread:
thread for dressmaking


We sell linen fabric by the meter. The colour may vary per monitor. Online fabric orders are non-refundable once cut.

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