Cotton Blend Fabric with White Paisley Print


$21.08 USD

Cotton blend sateen fabric with white paisley print

Crisp, pliable and stretchy, this medium weight cotton blend fabric with a hint of lilac has subtle paisley print and it is perfect for structured garments, such as dresses, blazers and pants. Sateen weave adds to the appeal of this couture fabric. It will hold shape, drape with rich folds and a good slight stretch in the weft thanks to 4% elastane content will be very much appreciated around those body curves.  

  • Colour match: 13-4105 TCX (hint of lilac) background with white print
  • Pattern: paisley
  • Composition: 96% cotton, 4% elastane
  • Width: approx. 130 cm (51")
  • Made in Italy

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We sell cotton fabric by the meter. The colours may vary per monitor. Orders are non-refundable once cut.   

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