Cotton Blend Fabric with Floral Print


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Cotton blend stretch fabric with 2% elastane content 

This printed cotton stretch fabric has 2% elastane content. It is perfect for structured dresses, jackets and skirts. This is a medium to heavy weight fabric that feels crisp, has a beautiful drape and classic look. 

Printed cotton fabric in blue and white

This cotton fabric is great for dressmaking. The colour is very dark blue with white flowers. You will use with-nap layout and plan for extra fabric to match the pattern. We did our best to match the background in the Pantone Cotton Passport to give you an idea about the colour.

  • Colour: dark blue background (colour match 19-3927 TCX), white flowers
  • Composition: 98% cotton, 2% elastane
  • Width: 146 cm (57.5")
  • Made in Italy
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