All Purpose Polyester Thread 250m - 274 yds


$4.00 CAD

Gütermann MCT Sew-All thread is the right sewing thread for all fabrics and seams. It’s great in high-performance machines because of its high tensile strength and elasticity. Sew-All thread is designed to handle the demands of all stitch types. Not only is Sew-All great for construction, but due to its beautiful finish is can be used for ornamental and decorative seams and even thread painting. Made in Germany to the highest technical standards. No fibre lint when sewing. White spool colour. Suggested needle size: US 10/14 (70-90).

Since colours vary per monitor, we tried to match the colours to Pantone Cotton Passport as best as we could in order to help you choose the right thread colour for your project.

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