Cotton Blend Knit Fabric, Light-Weight


$21.08 USD

Light and soft cotton blend jersey with flattering stretch 

This very soft cotton fabric with small geometric print is waiting for a fashion top, comfy nightgown or a cute lingerie project. This jersey cotton fabric stretches so well due to small elastane content and it feels so light, soft and comfortable. Just taking this fabric in your hands feels amazing.

Soft and pleasant against the skin

This soft and elegant jersey fabric comes in generous 59" (150 cm) width.  It has sophisticated colours and interesting fine geometric print of blue, orange and red symmetrical pattern.

  • Colour: white background 
  • Pattern: geometric print
  • Composition: cotton and elastane blend
  • Width: 59"
  • Made in France

Don't forget your thread:
thread available online


We sell cotton fabric by the meter. The colours may vary per monitor. Orders are non-refundable once cut.   


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