Lace Pattern Metal Cord Stoppers Silver Double Holes


$4.48 USD

Strong and durable metal cord stoppers

Sturdy and durable, these metal cord stoppers will last for years. And this is how it should be. They are 1-inch long and 3/8" wide with double holes. European quality and taste combine in these small rare jewels. They are made in Italy just for you to adorn your clothes and accessories.

Gorgeous lace-like pattern

It's hard to imagine a more beautiful cord stopper than this. The delicate lace-like pattern will surely attract attention to your design. Have you seen such workmanship? Order these cord stoppers today because they are selling out fast.

Beautiful silver cord stoppers match any colour

We chose to offer you metal cord stoppers in silver because they match any colour beautifully. They have an expensive and sophisticated look without costing you a fortune. 

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