Point Turner Sewing Tool, Maple Wood


$18.88 USD

What is a point turner sewing tool?

It's a very useful tool that helps you make sharp pointy corners on collars, jacket hems, or on any rectangular-shaped sewing projects.

How to use a point turner tool?

A point turner has pointy ends that you use to gently push the fabric in the corners out to the right side. This perfect point turner sewing tool is a very rare find because it is conveniently 10" long and it has two pointy ends. Our point turner tool is made by hand by a local craftsman. This tool is made from maple wood to make it very durable and heat resistant. 

The corner must me reinforced and the fabric should be trimmed around the corner prior to using the point turner sewing tool. You should never push too hard or any point turner will make a hole in your fabric. The pressure applied should be gentle and you need to work with "light hand" when you work with sheer fabrics.

  • Composition: maple wood
  • Colour: natural
  • Size: 10"
  • Made in Canada


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