Rectangular Metal Cord Stoppers


$3.97 USD

Durable but elegant metal cord stoppers

Cord locks or stoppers are used for holding cord drawstrings on garments and accessories.  Plastic doesn't last and it looks very cheap if you want to achieve a certain look. Sturdy and durable, yet very elegant, these metal cord stoppers are 5/8" long and about 3/8" wide with one hole. The cord hole is 3x4 mm.

Modern look for a variety of designs

The rectangular cord stoppers are hard to find as most cord stoppers you see on the market all look the same. Cord stoppers are like buttons, they should add a special touch to the garment. These rectangular cord stoppers look very rich but modern. 

Beautiful silver cord stoppers match any colour

We bring you gorgeous metal cord stoppers in silver because they match any colour beautifully. Use these in your fashion garments, bags and accessories that need the subtle touch of luxury. Made in Italy.

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