White Allover Lace Fabric for Dressmaking


$41.41 USD

Lace fabric from France

Be dazzled by this rare and very fine allover lace with a delicate floral pattern. White lace netting nylon background is so delicate, you could mistake it for spider web. Undeniably couture fabric for bridal dresses and veils, lingerie or lace blouses.

Lace material for dressmaking

The closeup of this stunning bridal lace fabric is gorgeous. The fine cording is framing every  flower and leave. The edges can be used for finishing your garment. This allover lace fabric is a classic choice for dressmaking.

  • Colour: white
  • Pattern: floral
  • Composition: 20% cotton, 80% nylon
  • Width: 34.5"
  • Made in France

Don't forget your thread:
thread available online


We sell lace fabric by the meter. The colours may vary per monitor. Orders are non-refundable once cut.   


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