Art Deco Novelty Button - 28mm


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Art deco style button

Art deco style is famous for geometric shapes and straight angles. This button is just that. It is a very unusual shank button in white and yellow. So modern and so liberating, the novelty button like that will make a statement! Escape the convention and design with your own style in mind.

Shank button to put the best face forward

Shank buttons are awesome for hiding the sewing threads and they are the best choice for bound buttonholes. Shanks are there for a reason to make it easier to attach to the garment. Make sure that the direction of the shank is the same as your buttonhole. For instructions on how to attach shank buttons, follow this link to our sewing blog.

Price per button.

  • Composition: plastic
  • Colour: black, white, yellow
  • Size: 44L - approx. 1 1/8" (28 mm) diameter

Made in Italy


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