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silk crepe de chine fabric in abstract print

Glamorous silk, the royalty of fabrics

Nothing shows status more than silk garments. Silk is the most beautiful fabric and an ideal canvas for your creative vision. Fashion designers love it because it is luxurious, shimmery, comfortable to wear. Check out this latest addition: unforgettable silk crepe de Chine in abstract print.

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fil coupe on silk jacquard fabric

Fil Coupé on Silk Jacquard

This is very a special silk fabric for haute couture sewing projects. Lamé, fil coupé and jacquard all in one.  Not for the faint of heart, but for the most experienced dressmakers. Large metallic flowers look stunning blue when hit with the light.  Create a stunning silk evening gown, prom dress, or an unforgettable couture silk blouse. 

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