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model wearing a sun hat

Barbie and Hats

by Marga van der Vet

July 23, 2023

Barbie in pink

So, suddenly there is a new trend: Barbie. Isn't that a joke? Well no, not a joke, because the film is now also in the Netherlands and is a great success worldwide in other countries. And yes, that's where the whole marketing circus starts. And you can count on it that this will manifest itself especially in the fashion world, the fabrics and the sewing patterns. Is that bad? Well... if you like it, of course not. There are also elements that are fun to pick up, such as wearing hats, accessories and cheerful colors.

In this blog: who is Barbie, and why all the popularity?

Barbie is an iconic fashion doll introduced in 1959 by the American company Mattel, Inc. She was created by Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, and named after her daughter Barbara. Barbie quickly became one of the most popular toy characters in the world and has since become a cultural phenomenon. Barbie has a signature look with blond hair, blue eyes and a slim figure. She is known for her extensive wardrobe ranging from trendy outfits to professional attire and suits. In addition to the basic doll, various accessories, play sets and vehicles are also available that further enrich playing with Barbie.

Barbie, Barbie everywhere

Barbie is not only a doll, but also a brand that encompasses various products such as movies, television shows, books, and video games. She has performed in countless professions and roles, including doctor, astronaut, president and fashion designer, inspiring girls all over the world. While Barbie has garnered a lot of popularity, she has also been the subject of criticism. Some people argue that her unrealistic body proportions can have a negative impact on young girls' self-esteem. In response, Mattel has made several efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, including releasing Barbies of different body types, skin tones, and backgrounds.

Barbie as a fashion trend

The fact that Barbie is suddenly a fashion trend again because of the film is already noticeable. There are Barbie-inspired clothing lines. Designers take Barbie's signature style, colors and patterns to create a clothing line inspired by her fashion look. Outfits are designed that resemble the iconic looks Barbie has worn over the years.

Barbie-like makeup and hairstyles

Makeup artists and hair stylists translate Barbie's signature makeup looks and hairstyles into wearable styles for humans. Think bright pink lipstick, long blond wigs or voluminous curls are used to imitate the Barbie look. 

Accessories and shoes

Barbie is known for her extensive collection of accessories, ranging from bags and jewelry to shoes. And hats! A good thing, especially now that solar radiation is more powerful than ever. Barbie as a fashion trend can be fun. Don't just think of pink but any cheerful clothes and colors.

pink hat on a model

Barbie and hats!

Barbie has worn different types of hats over the years to complement her outfits and style.Here are some examples of hats Barbie has worn:

Sun hats

Barbie is often seen wearing elegant sun hats, especially during summer occasions or at the beach. These hats usually have wide brims and may be decorated with ribbons, flowers or other decorative details. Think of straw hats and hats with a wide brim. Barbie can have it because the bigger the hat, the better it looks on Barbie! Sun protection is hardly the purpose of these hats, but still, something is better than nothing!

Fedora hats

Barbie has also worn fedora hats, which give her a fashionable and trendy look. Fedora hats have a distinctive crown and a slightly raised brim. They come in different colors and materials, such as straw, felt or textile. Always beautiful, these hats offer better protection against the bright sun.

Cocktail hats

For formal occasions or evening looks, Barbie sometimes wears cocktail hats. These hats are small in size and are often worn at an angle on the head. They are often decorated with feathers, lace, rhinestones or other decorative elements. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Classic hats

Barbie has also been seen wearing classic hats such as pillbox hats, cloche hats and many other models. These hats come from different fashion periods and each has its own unique shape and style. Any hat looks great on Barbie!

Wearing hats is a way to accentuate Barbie's outfits and give her a
specific look and personality. The type of hat she wears varies
depending on the occasion, the fashion of the moment, and the
theme of the Barbie doll or outfit. Act as Barbie: wear hats. 

Custom-made hats are available on this website:

elegant hat

Dark times, meaningless Barbie?

We live in dark times: the Russia-Ukraine war, climate change and social inequality make many people angry and insecure. And there comes Barbie in pink! While the Barbie trend itself is not a direct response to world problems, these problems can indirectly influence what people like and engage in. Dive into a movie or world full of joy, fantasy and exaggeration. It's a
guilty pleasure! Let's emphasize the positivity and just enjoy it for a while. So, put on a pink hat and have a nice day!

Model Marga van der Vet in a hat

How to make hats

by Marga van der Vet

July 9, 2023

Model in a sun hat

Making hats is a fun hobby because it allows you to make the exact hat that suits your style and that you like to wear. You can make hats in two different ways. In this blog I explain this and teach you about the basic knowledge of hat making.

1. Make hats according to a sewing pattern

The first method is to make hats using your sewing machine and a sewing pattern. Vogue has beautiful hat patterns, but Simplicity, Kwik Sew, Butterick and other less known brands offer those as well.

sunhats sewing pattern

These sewing patterns often offer more hats or variations. The sizes often vary from S to L. However, people's heads are generally the same size because no one has a mini head or a head that is twice as large as normal. You can buy sewing patterns for women, men and children. However, women's hats are more popular.

The sewing pattern and fabric choice

The sewing patterns often contain only a few parts. The top, also called 'the crown', the brim (this is the large brim), and sometimes there is an extra band for the transition from the top to the brim.

It is advisable to take the fabric thickness advice seriously. You can experiment with fabric types, but often the fabric is either too soft for the pattern, or much too thick. It is also important that the edge does not become too heavy, for example, otherwise it will fall in front of your eyes.

Hat decorations

The hat is often decorated with flowers, bows or feathers. Of course you don't have to copy this exactly. You can also skip the decorations. Think carefully about how you want to wear the hat. If you're going to a special occasion, the decoration is often what makes the hat special. If you just want to make a hat for everyday use, or for your holiday, keep it simple.

Model wearing a hat

2. Hat blocking

Another method of making hats is the so-called 'hat blocking'. This is a technique used to give a hat its shape and structure. In hat-blocking, an unformed hat base, usually made of materials such as straw, felt, buckram or sinamay, is placed on top of a wooden or metal form known as a "block". The block has the desired shape and dimensions of the hat.

By means of steam or another form of moisture, the material is stretched around the block and shaped in this way. The hat is pinned and then dried and stabilized so that it retains its new shape. It may take some time for the hat to dry completely and hold its final shape.

Fabric types for hat blocking

This way of making hats only works if you have the right hat molds and choose the right type of fabric. Generally, materials like felt, Sinamay and Buckram are used. Apart from felt, these fabrics are hard to come by and are very expensive.

The advantage of hat blocking is that you can make lightweight hats and of very thin material. The hats often look very chic and you don't see any seams.

The basics of making hats

Now that you know the two basic methods, it may be easier to make a choice. Think carefully about what kind of hat you want.

With sewing patterns you can get started yourself, for hat-blocking it is better to follow a course before purchasing expensive materials.


1. The BERNINA Blog has a "crash course in summer hat making". Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to make the larger hat. The text is in Dutch, but the photos will get you a long way.

2. If you're sure that making hats will become a new hobby of yours, make a mood board. Collect as many images as possible and discover what you really like and what you would like to copy. Don't start with advanced sewing patterns.

3. You can buy sewing patterns at any fabric store. But read carefully on the sewing patterns which fabric types are recommended. A woolen hat is really different from a tulle or linen hat.

4. Collect materials that you can use for making hats: lace, trim, bands, flowers, feathers, etc.

5. In addition to the sewing machine, it is useful to already collect tools: iron wire, pliers, curved needles, textile glue and fishing line.

Marga van der Vet, a Dutch model


Making hats is a very fun hobby. However, you need a lot of materials for it. It is wise to think in advance about what kind of hat you want. Start with a simple sewing pattern and go from there.

If you want to start hat-blocking, take a look at a course or workshop in your area.

About the author:

Marga van der Vet is a content creator who has several websites in different subjects of interest. She also writes columns and blogs for other companies. She published a free downloadable E-book ‘Fjorden hebben humor'. She lives with her husband, her children, the horses and a dog in the countryside in the North of The Netherlands.

She started modeling in her forties and she is now a 50+ model for commercial-, stock- and art-photography as well as for her own websites and sewing creations. The website Sewing Chanel-Style is about Chanel couture, Victorian, Medieval and LARP costumes, hats, bags and sustainable ideas.
In combining all these skills, she developed her own, very classic flair reflected in her brand name, MargaStyle.

Marga loves to share her style and beauty tips, chic and elegant sewing projects and other interests that inspire women to be confident, positive, and empowered.

Marga's blogs:


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