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About Us

Baudekin Studio buttons

Our Story

My name is Elena Tran, and I am the founder of Baudekin Studio, a Canadian online fabrics and buttons store. Our family business is focused on exceptional customer service, environmental responsibility, supporting auxiliary local businesses and teaching others a very exciting and sustainable hobby.

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Sewing a narrow hem at Baudekin Stidio

What's in the Name

People ask me why I chose Baudekin Studio as the name of my company. The name 'baudekin' was discovered in one of the books in my personal library “Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style” by Smithsonian. I stumbled on the word baudekin when I was looking for inspiration for the first fabrics collection. It was widely used in the Middle Ages and since fell out of use. According to the scholars, baudekin was a rich silk cloth decorated with gold. It was the most exquisite piece of textile art back then. It is a very fitting name for our business that specializes in rare and exquisite fabrics from all over the world.

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a pink silk blouse from Baudekin Studio

Our Products

We have the most exciting products on our online store: rare and hard to find couture buttons, silk and embroidery thread, silk rose embellishments and unique fabrics. We continue to look for reliable suppliers in the luxury textile market, so check often for new products.

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What is cotton fabric
What Is Cotton Fabric

March 27, 2021

Cotton fabric is the king of affordable textiles and the beloved child of designers. It feels comfortable in all seasons, easy to sew, and widely available. There is some confusion about which fabric is best, which cotton can be used for shirts, dresses and even face masks. I wanted to dive into this topic and get the answers for you.

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Learn to Sew: Your Questions Answered

February 26, 2021

In this article, I answer your most popular questions about learning to sew, like what age should you start sewing, can I teach myself to sew, can I learn to sew online, what should I sew as a beginner, can I sew my own clothes, how do I start learning to sew, how long does it take to learn to sew, is sewing an expensive hobby and others.

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Marga van der Vet in a white dress
Interview with Marga van der Vet, a Dutch Model and Seamstress

January 23, 2021

I recently sat down with Marga (virtually, of course) to talk about her extraordinary life, her mistakes and triumphs, her challenges during the pandemic, multiple projects and her life lessons. Marga van der Vet, a beautiful 50+ model from the Netherlands, has contagious zest for life, unique business acumen, great intelligence and very warm and genuine personality. In addition to managing her professional portfolio, this bright and energetic model also has the website for aspiring dressmakers https://www.sewingchanelstyle.com/ in Dutch and in English where she shares how to make Chanel-style jackets and all about the Chanel brand. 

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Microfiber and Polyester Fabrics: The Rise in Microfiber Pollution

January 13, 2021

Microfibers are microscopic plastic fibers. They are shedding from both synthetic and natural textiles (Le), particularly from those fabrics that are short in length, or loosely spun or woven. Most microfiber shedding occurs during laundering. These plastic particles are so small that they cannot be easily removed and they flow straight into the rivers, lakes and oceans.

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"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

- Herman Melville